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Risk Management
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Osprey International services focus on ensuring that the threats and vulnerabilities of our clients are appropriately assessed and mitigated to ensure operations are not unnecessarily disrupted by the credible security or crisis scenarios they face.

The focus in many projects is on developing and implementing practical solutions that are tailored to the unique nature of each operating environment and project. The emphasis is on integrating risk management frameworks with Health, Safety, Environmental and Community Affairs functions in order to protect the integrity of a client’s investments.

Osprey engages professional’s experienced in effectively managing risk in environments typified by high threat and vulnerability. Risk Management services involve:

  • Development of Management Systems, Policies and Procedures;
  • Risk assessment and planning;
  • Project Management;
  • Audits and Reviews; and
  • Individual and Collective Training.

Maritime Security

Osprey International is an established provider of a wide range of specialised maritime security services and solutions. Our experience in supporting clients to develop and implement ISPS Code and relevant regulatory compliance requirements can assist in improving security measures and systems with comprehensive assessment, planning and review. Our services include:


Osprey International engages experienced professionals and assists shipping, offshore and port operations to undertake security risk assessments and develop maritime security plans as part of the review, improvement and authorisation processes.


Osprey International has highly qualified and experienced personnel who provide instruction and education in a range of maritime security disciplines for individuals, groups and corporate organisations, in any location. We are partnered with the Challenger Institute of Technology to provide Australian Maritime Safety Authority (AMSA) endorsed training. Scheduled courses include Port and Offshore Facility Security Officer, Company and Ship Security Officer and Maritime Security Awareness as part of the Standards of Training, Certification and Watchkeeping (STCW 95) requirements. We also conduct training for Maritime Security Guards and other personnel who have security responsibilities in the industry.


Osprey International conducts audits and reviews to examine the security measures, systems and procedures for shipping, offshore and port operations. This process allows facilities and organisations to monitor and improve their security measures and ensure compliance with maritime security plans.

Services we offer


Risk Management

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Business Continuity

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Security Operations

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Crisis and Emergency Management

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Maritime Security

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Maritime Security Training


Security Officer (SSO, CSO, PFSO, OFSO)

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Security Awareness Training (SAT) Online

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