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Business Continuity
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Osprey International supports clients in preparing and implementing systems that enable operations to continue in times of disruption. This is particularly the case for a client’s activities exposed to natural or man-made threats.

Business Continuity Management acknowledges that events and incidents can occur that are beyond an organisation’s ability to prevent. Osprey’s Business Continuity approach is underpinned by the integration of measures that address credible scenarios and provide the ability to monitor emerging situations. It ensures that an operation is able to effectively respond a crisis or emergency and resume normal operations in a timely and efficient manner.


Osprey services assess range of credible disruptive scenarios enable a client to develop and implement policies, plans and systems to mitigate the impacts.  These service include:

  • Assessment of the risks and development of plans:
    • Emergency response plans,
    • Crisis management plans,
    • Business Continuity plans;
  • Development of Systems, Policies and Procedures;
  • Business impact analysis;
  • Audits and reviews;
  • On site crisis management coordination;
  • Training and awareness.


Osprey International is capable of supporting clients to establish and implement robust processes to support their due diligence. Related services include assisting clients to understand the potential threats to their business resilience arising from industry and geopolitical factors through research, analysis and screening of individuals and organisations.

Osprey International also uses experienced personnel to develop a client’s investigation systems or conduct high level and sensitive investigations.