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Osprey International | Security Operations
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Osprey International provides effective, creative and efficient solutions to mitigate security risks associated with a Client’s corporate or operational activities. Osprey International has extensive experience and knowledge to develop robust solutions within a Client’s intent and available resources.

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Osprey services works with clients and other relevant parties to assess the security threats and vulnerabilities of a client’s operations and activities in order to establish appropriate mitigations and controls. These services include

• Delivery of security assessments and development of associated security policies, plans, systems and procedures;
• Establishment and maintenance of integrated intelligence collection and assessment systems;
• Project management to establish security systems required to support corporate and site requirements


A client’s capability requirements are developed and maintained by personnel with high levels of operational experience in high threat environments. Such services include:

• Mentoring and coaching services in support of a client’s leadership, security staff and force elements;
• Raising, training and sustaining security forces using indigenous or external resources;
• Establishment of protective security and incident response capabilities;
• Design and delivery of specialist training solutions tailored to support workplace awareness, staff security management through to high-end security capabilities;
• Liaison with local security authorities and forces;
• Protection of individuals.
• Incident management capabilities to support site or company leadership